Mobile Apps

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android app development


We have rich experience in developing native apps for Android, the most popular smartphone Operating System in the world. Material design guaranteed!

iOS iPhone app development


We are specialists in creating native apps for iPhones and iPads too—Apple app store compliance is assured when you partner with us to create your app.

HTML5 webapp development

HTML5 Web App

Need a single app that can be used on both Android and iOS? No worries, we also build HTML5 cross-platform apps that work fine on both mobile Operating Systems.

Be Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

People use smartphones throughout the day and sometimes, during the night too. A mobile app presents your brand to them every time they open their devices—an opportunity you do not want to miss! 

Studies show that when people use smartphones, they spend far more time on apps than in the browser—this means, when it comes to mobile, an app has more chances of seizing your customer’s attention than your website.

A mobile app facilitates you to engage with your customers more efficiently and purposefully. It can help you stand out from your competition, increase your brand’s mindshare, nurture long term customer loyalty and take your business forward effectively. 

At SparkleWeb, we are passionate about creating exceptional mobile experiences for your customers by building irresistible apps. We’ll help you interact better and faster with your customers and engage with them more regularly, which we believe will lead to increased retention and monetization over time.

Our top grade mobile design and development will ensure your app turns out beautiful, engrossing and fully functional.