How We Create Beautiful Websites

It’s not by chance our websites turn out great. They are a result of our systematic site building methodology. We call it The S.M.A.R.T. Process—an approach pioneered by Sparkle Web.







Outstanding websites are created by understanding what you need.

So we’ll have detailed discussions with you, ask questions and clarify things to better understand your requirements.

We’ll separately study your business, your competition and your industry too.

At the end of this stage, we’ll be absolutely clear on your goals, budget, target audience and content needs with respect to your online presence.

If you need your own branded email-IDs—for example,—we can help you set those up too.

SMART methodology: Study



SMART methodology: Map


After studying and understanding what you require, we’ll map your needs in a rough sketch-up of how your website should be built.

In the mapping stage, we’ll plan in detail the best content architecture for your site. This includes determining your site layout, pages and sections required and how they connect internally.

We’ll document all of this, show it to you, take your input / feedback and revise it if required until the entire site is mapped out appropriately.






Art is our design stage.

This is when we get creative and start talking about fonts, color palettes, images, videos and text.

We’ll come up with multiple alternative ideas, test them actively until we come up with a design best suited to fulfil your requirements.

We’ll review the proposed design mock ups with you. Based on your feedback, we will iterate further, revising the design until you are fully satisfied and approve it for development.

SMART methodology: Art



SMART methodology: Render


Once you’re convinced your website is going to be a superstar, we’ll go ahead and render it—this is our development stage.

Our build and render will match the approved design in all aspects—without your approval, nothing will be changed.

Post development, we’ll test the site thoroughly before providing it to you for final verification.

If required, all of this can be done on a pilot URL and moved to the live URL only after you sign off.






After your testing is completed to your satisfaction and signed off, we’ll get ready to launch your website.

We’ll move the site to the ‘live’ hosting environment, map your actual domain name to it and perform a final round of testing to ensure everything works as it should.

You site is now ready for take-off!

SMART methodology: Take-Off

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