7 Essential Free Ebooks for Designers

The Internet is a fantastic channel to consume free media whether it’s music, video, fonts or photos and… books!

While it’s obviously not reasonable to expect someone to give away physical books, free and freemium ebooks on the other hand are very much in vogue.

Smartphone screen sizes are always increasing and just about everyone has a tablet too these days. So we believe you owe it to yourself to check out a good ebook every now and then to spruce up your knowledge on different subjects.

In this post, we present a list of free ebooks that designers would find useful.

Here goes:

1. The Freelancer’s Bible—Tips & Tricks for Your Design Business

If you’re planning to make the jump into the world of freelancing, this free ebook is an excellent read. Covers many important concepts like marketing your business, finding your USP, licensing your work, managing client relationships and more.

2. Web Designers Success Guide

This is another great guide to learn step-by-step, the various concepts to become successful at freelance web designing. Covers topics like finding and retaining clients, managing projects professionally, pricing and more.

3. Responsive Web Design Best Practices

This is a free ebook from UXPin containing 127 pages of just about everything you need to know about responsive web designing. Covers techniques, shortcuts, case studies etc. In short, this is one of the most useful guides out there on this subject.

4. Logo Design Guide

A fine 25-page guide to learn the basic concepts of what a logo is, rules for creating a logo and other important things like color and typography. You will also learn the kind of mistakes to avoid while designing a logo with some really funny examples.

5. Type Classification eBook

A quick read to understand the 10 broad classifications of type. This is a fundamental concept to know to understand how to classify type. This free ebook also presents the history of each type along with its key characteristics.

6. Graphic Design for Non–Profit Organizations

This book covers design rules specifically from a non profit organisation’s perspective. Good read, because many of the principles covered are useful for any kind of graphic designing actually.

7. The Practical Interaction Design Bundle

This is a bundle of three cool ebooks:  ‘The Practical Interaction Design Bundle—Volumes 1&2’ and ‘Consistency in UI Design’. It’s over 250 pages of material on interaction design techniques, best practices, establishing emotional connections, visual hierarchy elements, using empty space and more.

Do you like these ebooks? Are there other free ebooks for designers that you’d like to recommend? Leave a comment and let us know.